Storm proven Dock System

Storm waves crashing against our solid system.

Built to last!

Engineer and Machinist Art Johnston designed our fundamental system in 1962, and it has stood the test of time. Standardized components assemble easily to become a solid unified installed structure for summer. Then disassemble in the fall to be safely stored away from the crushing ice.

The Proper Tool

Every job has the right tool and Northern Michigan weather creates unique requirements. Well designed products require a delicate balance of critical features. Our dock system is the best investment in your waterfront because of our commitment to the ideal balance.

  • Strength vs Weight
  • Stability vs Mobility
  • Quality vs Cost
  • Standardization vs Flexibility
  • Form vs Function

Better with Age

Many of our docks are still in service decades later. Yet since Art's time we have continued to refine our system.

  • Modern tooling improved Quality and lowered Cost.
  • Additional components increased Flexibilty without complicating Standardization.
  • Newly available materials improved both Form and Function.
Basic Components:
Section Walkway Surface
Standard sizes are 10' long and 3' or 4' wide. Supported by stanchions. Decked with Western Red Cedar for Longevity, Beauty, Comfort, and Mobility.
Stanchion Walkway Support
End to end supporting structure off the lake or river bed. Height adjusts for a level Walkway no matter what the terrain does. Solutions for beds of Sand, Stone, Mud, Silt, Logs. Assembled from welded galvanized steel tubing for Longevity, Strength, Durability, Flexibility, and Mobility.
Truss Platform Support
Side by side supporting structure for platforms. Often used for Swim Platforms, Sundecks, Boat Loading, and even Parties. Sizes range from convenient 6' x 10' to enormous 24' x 20' or larger!
Finger Pier Side Walkway
Small perpendicular segment often used to access Jetskis, Fishing Boats, Paddle Boats, or Kayaks. Also used to wrap around for secondary boats or additional access to the primary boat. Ladders make an excellent add-on for easy up and down. Designed for affordable customization.
Swim Ladder Swim Access
Ergonomically designed for ease of access to the water. Comfortable climb angle with easy to reach handrails. Powdercoated steel with Vinyl treads for Durability, Beauty, Longevity, and Environmental Safety.
Bench Installed Seating
Platforms are solid, flat, and smooth. You may choose to bring out lawn chairs, but our comfortable installed benches will not blow away or get damaged by weather. Powdercoated steel with Vinyl seat goes great with a Ladder. Available in Vinyl or Cedar.